Hiking and Camping Tour Arfak Mountains

The Mountain Range of Arfak is a famous destination for rainforest loverswho come from every corner of the world to watch paradise birds, butterflies, cuscus possum, soa-soa lizard and see a lot of species of trees, shrubs and creeping plants. There are two different locations for birding and wildlife watching, i.e. Lower Montane Forest and Higher Montane Forest.
Cruiser Butterfly (Vindula arsinoe)

Destination: Mount Mabowi (Lower Montane Forest of Arfak Range)
Duration: 3 days/ 2 nights
Contact: peace4wp@gmail.com or whatsapp: +6281332245180
Price: it depends on the number of participants and duration of the tour (usually 3 to 4 days)
The price includes: transportation, food as contact materials with local villagers, basic accommodation in the jungle basecamp, payments to local guides, villagers, and contribution to land owners.
The price does not include: airfare, personal expenses, travel insurance, hotel accommodation in Manokwari city before and after the tour.

Lesser Birds of Paradise
Arfak is a huge mountain range that is located in the south of Manokwari city. Most of its slopes, and ravines are covered by tropical rainforest. Birds such as Blyth's hornbill, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Hooded Butcherbird, Palm Cockatoo, Lesser Birds of Paradise, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Common Paradise Kingfisher, Yellow Billed Kingfisher, Papuan Lorikeet live in the forest of the range. Other animals such as cuscus possum, soa-soa monitor lizard, snakes, and butterflies can also be seen in the forest.

Day 1
We will pick you up at the airport or at the hotel where you stay. After that we will go to local police station to get a Surat Jalan (travel permit). We still need to go to a supermarket or traditional market to buy food as contact materials with local villagers. When everything is ready, we will leave Manokwari city by a chartered passenger vehicle. We will use a vehicle that belongs to one of the villagers to provide jobs for them. It takes approx. 1 hour 30 minutes ride to reach our destination. Local people will help us carry our bags, food, and birding devices into the jungle. We will walk for approximately 1 hour to reach our Campsite 1.
We will take a break to drink tea or coffee or eat. If the weather is sunny, butterflies like to fly around our tents to lick nectar from wild flowerd. There are also colorful lizards, mushrooms and a lot of kinds of trees, and lianas in the rainforest.
At night, we will do night walk to find Cuscus Possum. We can also see glowing mushroom in the forest.
Cuscus Possum
Day 2
We will wake up early in the morning at 05.00 to have tea or coffee and make some preparation for hiking. At 05.30, we will start walking to the birding ground of Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor). We will watch the birds until 09.00. Usually, Common Paradise Kingfisher (Tanysiptera galatea) also come to the same birding area and Dwarf Cassowary walk around to find fruits. Hooded Butcherbird (Cracticus cassicus) like to see sing in the branches of high trees near our basecamp. After lunch, we could go hiking.
At night, we could install white screen and shoot it with bright light so that we could attract various species of moth.
Soa-soa dragon lizard

Day 3
We still have time to do morning walk to explore the forest. There are Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus roratus), Helmetted Friarbird (Philemon buceroides). There are also venomous snakes that live in the forest. Wearing trekking boots and covering them with socks are highly recommended to protect you from such deadly animals.
In the afternoon, we will leave the forest and return to Manokwari.

What to bring
Hiking boots,
Flash light/ torch
Camera for wildlife watching
Anti-insect lotion
Clothing that is suitable for tropical climate

Our basecamp in Mount Mabowi of Arfak mountains
Terrestrial White Orchid in the jungle of Arfak Mountains