About Me/ How to Contact Me

Hi, I am Charles Roring, I love nature both forest and marine life.
I have guided nature lovers, historians, biologists, bankers, culture enthusiasts, snorkelers, businessman/-woman, mountain bikers, and birdwatchers, photographers, newsmakers, filmmakers since 2007. Most of my trips with my clients are in West Papua. But sometimes I guide them to other parts of Indonesia such as Maluku, Sulawesi.
I offer hiking, birding, freediving, and snorkeling tours for those who are interested in birds, wildlife, rainforest and marine environment. I often run tours to coral reef areas and islands in Manokwari, Tambrauw, and Raja Ampat, Maluku, and Sulawesi. My clients usually are solo traveling visitor, to a couple of nature lovers, to a small group of birders and snorkelers.
Charles Roring was wearing a nautical t-shirt and black ring
Charles Roring
Most of my trips are suitable for nature lovers. The activities will include: trekking, camping, birdwatching, caving, swimming, snorkeling, freediving, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities.
Please contact me.
E-mail: peace4wp@gmail.com
Cell Phone: +6281332245180 (send text or WA message)
The following is a video where I was freediving (diving without the support of air tank) in Raja Ampat.

I love drawing and watercolour paintings
Here are some artworks that I created.