Sunday, March 29, 2020

Some Birds that Eat Flowers' Nectar

I often see birds sitting near flowers when I guide tourists in the forest. Most of them are small birds. Coconut lorikeet, large fig parrot, black-capped lory, black sunbird, olive-backed sunbird are the ones that feed of the nectar of flowers. I have got some pictures of them.
Black-capped Lory in a flowering tree of rainforest

Olive-backed Sunbird in the flowers of Papaya tree
Olive-backed Sunbird is quite unique. It can hover like a helicopter. At first, I did not pay attention until I met some Australian tourists who told me about it. After that when I went birdwatching again, in the coastal area, I saw that behavior.
Female Olive-backed Sunbird

In higher elevation forest, more smaller birds can be seen. Some of them include Papuan Flycatcher, Spectacled Longbill, and etc. 
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