Thursday, August 8, 2019

Beach Kingfisher

I still guided the Singaporean tourists yesterday. Nurlin Juni from Malia Tours organized their trip. We went into the forest early in the morning to find Papuan Boobook, Western-crowned Pigeon and Red-bellied Pitta. We watched Red Bird of Paradise until 09.00 and continued our birding walk until 13.00. The activity of birds was much reduced during mid-day time. So, we returned to Putras Resort for having lunch.
Beach Kingfisher
I had lunch with Nurlin, Melkhi, and the drivers at the beach. Facing the blue sea, I saw a Beach Kingfisher sitting and calling from a hanging branch at the left cliff of some 50 meters from us. I immediately stood and walked to my camera. I grabbed it and walked to the beach. I carefully approached the bird and positition myself behind wave barrier of the resort. After that I aimed my camera at the bird. With several shots, I got the pictures of the Beach Kingfisher. The above photograph is one of them.

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