Sunday, July 9, 2017

Scarlet Jade Vine Flowers in Manokwari forest

Scarlet Jade Vine
Scarlet Jade Vine
This is the photograph of Scarlet Jade Vine (Mucuna bennetti) flowers that I see in the lowland forest of Manokwari. It is also called New Guinea creeper. The plant climbs trees that grow near the river to get enough sunlight and water. Huge number of red flowers bloom from the solid stems and twigs of the liana vines that are "wrapping" their parent trees.
The massive number of flowers in the trees creates an impression as if they are burning in flames. There are also other species of tropical flowers that we can see in the lowland forest of Manokwari if we go hiking, camping, birding and wildlife watching.
One of them is Blue Trumpet Vine (Thunbergia grandiflora) flowers that hang on big trees in the forest edges. Their petals are blue and yellowish white in their center hole.
Blue Trumpet Vine Flowers
Blue Trumpet Vine

Blue Trumpet Vine
Blue Trumpet Vine Flowers in forest edge

These vine flowers need a lot of light to grow. That's why they cannot grow under the canopy of the forest. They can be found growing in the the forest edges along the rivers or in the forest that have got some open areas.
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