Friday, July 22, 2016

Snorkeling in Mansinam Island of Manokwari

Manokwari is a popular tourist destination not only for birdwatchers but also for snorkelers.
Motorized Outrigger Boat as our Transport Vehicle
Reef Fish in Mansinam Island
Coral Reef in Mansinam island
I went to Mansinam island this afternoon again. My main objective was to take underwater photographs of the coral reef and tropical fish that thrive along the coast of the island. I need them for my blogging activities. It was around 16.30 when I walked into the water. The beach was mostly empty. There were a few people swimming or just sitting under the trees. As soon as I was free-diving into deeper water, I began to shoot the fish. There were butterfly fish, parrotfish, surgeonfish , moorish idol, and a lot morer. I made some dives to take pictures but soon I felt that fog was forming on the glasses of my mask. I had to wash them several times during the snorkeling and free-diving works.
Later, a new friend of mine, Mambri Wakum joined me. He came from the Netherlands. I gave some explanations about how to use the underwater camera. He could understand them easily. He enthusiastically went down to deeper water to shoot the fish. He also made some nice pictures of them. Unfortunately, the sun was getting closer to the hills in the west of us. Soon, it would disappear behind the hills and we would not be able to enjoy snorkeling again. So, we swam back to the beach.
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