Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wave Surfing at Abasi Beach of Manokwari

The waves along the north coast of Manokwari are big now. So, it is a perfect time to go surfing. Surfers from several foreign countries have visited Manokwari since December when strong winds from the North East begin to hit Manokwari coasts especially in the mornings and in the afternoons. This month, we can see some local and foreign surfers at Abasi and Bakaro beach. For foreign surfers, it is an opportunity to explore new surfing sites in the Pacific. Some of them are several experienced surfers from an international team that has traveled around the world. On the other hand, local youths who go to the sea with the international surfers see it as a chance to learn new techniques from their more experienced counterparts.
Papuan surfers in Manokwari have formed a small club called Abasi Klub Surfing. This local initiative is a trying to promote Manokwari as an alternative destination for foreign surfers who want to explore new surfing sites in Indonesia. As the largest tropical island in the world, Papua has got hundreds of kilometers of coastline that has got surfing and marine sports potentials. Members of Abasi Klub Surfing regularly practice surfing at Abasi beach and the Pantura (meaning North Coast). Most of their activities in the form of photographs and videos have been uploaded to the club's blog at abasiklubsurfing.blogspot.com. This blog attracts the attention of foreign travelers and surfing enthusiasts to visit Manokwari as their next destination. In addition to surfing, other outdoor activities that visitors like to do in Manokwari are trekking, birdwatching, snorkeling and mountain biking.
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