Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cycing and Mountain Biking in Manokwari

Manokwari has been a famous destination for people who are interested in hiking or trekking in Arfak mountains and the lowland forest of Pantura. As a matter of fact, this town is also a recommended place for cycling and mountain biking. As a tour guide, I have guided cycling enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States and the Netherlands on various mountain biking and cycling tours across this tropical regency. Tourists like to take a cycling tour because they can explore the suburban areas of the capital of West Papua province at their own pace economically. 
My recommendations for elderly cyclists are the coastal villages of Manokwari such as Arowi, Abasi and Bakaro. For youngsters, more challenging routes in the jungle with more slopes will be an interesting option. We have a lot of mountain biking routes in this town and its surrounding forests that can be explored by ordinary cyclists and mountain bikers. 
I personally have completed a long route between Bintuni town (in the south of the bird's head region) and Manokwari (in the north of the bird's head region) covering a distance of approximately 300 kilometers. This is a trip that can be accomplished in 3 to 4 days. Experienced mountain bikers can try District Senopi as their destination. 
Because I am a member of MTB Manokwari, it is easy for me to find more bicycles for your cycling tours in Manokwari. Members of the club will lend you their bicycles and can accompany you to explore this beautiful town.
For a one or two day cycling tour in Manokwari, visitors can ride bicycles to Asai or even the Yonsoribo beach and meet local people there. An alternative destination that provides you with scenic view of the coastal villages are cycling routes to Ransiki. For further information, please, read more articles of this blog and contact me. by Charles Roring/ E-mail: peace4wp@gmail.com

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