Friday, October 19, 2012

Rainforest Tour in Dopi River of Manokwari

I have written some articles about rainforest tour in West Papua especially in Manokwari regency. This time, I want to talk about tours in Dopi. It is a river around 2 hour on foot from Manokwari city. Tropical trees and shrubs that grow on both sides of river are the natural habitat for various species of birds including pygmy parrots, lesser birds of paradise, hornbills and hawk.
Because Dopi is quite close from but untouched by city dwellers of Manokwari, it is a nice destination for budget travellers who want to experience or see the ecosytem of tropical rainforest by staying in the jungle for several nights. On my efforts to reduce the hunting of endangered animals, I try to recruit the indigenous Papuan to work as guides and porters. They know every corner of the jungle so they can give you accurate information about the time when hornbills fly back to trees where they usually sleep in.
From my previous tours in Dopi river, I saw birds of paradise dancing on the branches of trees and snake moving on the ground. Insect lovers will find that Dopi river is a must see place to photograph colorful butterflies, beetles or cicada. Male cicada is a unique insect that creates noisy sounds to attract female cicada for mating. His mating sound can be heard from several hundreds away.
The tropical rainforest near Dopi river is also the natural habitat of tikus tanah (literally mean ground mouse). But scientifically, it is called bandicoot. The marsupial animal like to eat small fruits that come out of the roots of a tree trunk just above the ground. Birds such as the beautiful fruit dove also like the fruits.
Visitors who plan to go hiking in the rainforest of Dopi river must wear proper hiking boots that are light, comfortable and strong enough for walking for at least four hours. Two camps have been built for tourists who want to stay for several nights. Here is my email: that you could send email to if you are interested in taking a hiking tour in Camp Dopi . by Charles Roring
Dopi is the tributary of Pami river. The river flows to the north coast of Manokwari. So, it is important to keep the rivers clean while trekking through the rivers by not throwing any plastic wastes into the water to protect the coral reef in the region.
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