Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trekking the Pami river

A few days ago, I guided three tourists on a full day trekking trip in Pami river. While walking through the river, we saw some Blyth's hornbills whose wing span can reach a length of around 1.5 meters. Their wings created fluttering sounds when they flew over the canopy of the tropical trees. We also saw sulphur crested cockatoos that quacked many times when they saw us walking up the stream.

The tour program is created to introduce the natural beauty of the tropical rainforest in Manokwari regency to anybody who wants to see or experience it. You have to be physically fit to buy this full day tour. Wear water shoes (usually used by scuba divers) to walk in the water.  Please, contact me by email: peace4wp@gmail.com for detailed itinerary and rates. by Charles Roring

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