Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hiking trip in rainforest of Senopi

Hiking trip through a pristine tropical rainforest is what a lot of travelers want to enjoy. As a hiking tour organizer, I have guided a lot of hikers on various hiking trips in the bird's head region of Irian Jaya. There is a place called Aiwatar in Senopi, a small village or district in Tambrauw regency of West Papua. It is a nice destination for travelers who want to go hiking along the tropical rainforest of New Guinea - the largest tropical island in the world. Aiwatar hill is also one of the best birding destinations in West Papua. The hiking trip in District Senopi should be prepared at least one month in advance to check for the transportation, accommodation and weather condition. Aiwatar is a hill in the interior of bird's head region of West Papua where most of the plants that grow there are the same as the plants that are found in coastal region.
In addition to this uniqueness, Aiwatar is also the best birdwatching spot for hikers who want to see various species of birds that are endemic to New Guinea including the Western Crown Pigeon and the Lesser Birds of Paradise.
For the hiking trip in District Senopi, backpackers or hikers need to prepare waterproof tents, hiking boots and food. Bring a waterproof GPS device or hiking watch if you have one. If you don't have such device, try to order it from Amazon online store.
After receiving your GPS device, try to use it several times in your country until you know all its features. Because the temperature in the tropical region is quite warm, hikers need to bring tents that have got windows to allow air to circulate naturally.
The Aiwatar hill can be reached within 5 to 6 hours walking from District Senopi depending on the physical condition of the hikers. Food such as bread and biscuits can be bought from supermarkets in Manokwari city. Cassava, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables are available in District Senopi. I recommend that travelers buy local produce from the villagers in Senopi to support the local economy. For serious birders, they need to bring extra batteries for their telephoto, and video cameras. Hire one or several villagers as guide and porters to show you the way to Aiwatar hill and to carry your heavy backpacks.
To get to Senopi, you need to fly to Manokwari city from Jakarta or Denpasar Bali, and then continue your trip by a chartered 4WD pick up truck to Senopi. If going by a rent truck is expensive for you, you can fly by Susi Air to Kebar. And then you can continue your trip backpacking or by truck to Senopi.
There is a guesthouse in Senopi. It is located across from Pastoran Katolik (Priest house) of Senopi.
If you contact me before your arrival in Manokwari, I can arrange the pick up truck for you and contact the priest in Senopi by SSB radio so that he will prepare the guesthouse for you. Unless you have tons of money in the bank, traveling alone is not recommended. You need to go to Senopi in a group of at least two people or more to enjoy your hiking tour in Senopi in a shared cost. If you need more information about hiking tours in Manokwari, please, read my other articles in this blog, or contact me via email: peace4wp@gmail.com.

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