Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Traveling to Manokwari and Bird watching in the rainforest of Arfak mountains

Most tourists who travel to Manokwari like to do bird watching in Arfak mountains. These mountains are located in the south of Manokwari - the capital of West Papua province. The rainforest that covers the Arfak mountains is home to hundreds of species of birds which among them are the magnificent birds of paradise, western parotia, and vogelkop bowerbird that are endemic to New Guinea island. Tourists who want to go hiking and bird watching in Arfak mountains need to bring camera with extra batteries. Another birding device that tourists  need are binoculars. Book entitled Birds of New Guinea by Beehler is also helpful when tourists want to identify the species of birds which they photograph after birding in the rainforest.
The above photograph shows how male a bower bird collects fruits and bright colored rainforest flowers to attract female bower bird. This is a main tourist attraction in the tropical rainforest of West Papua. It is sad to see that the bird also collects plastic bottle and cups of mineral water to his bower. It means that we, as human, MUST STOP throwing inorganic wastes everywhere including inside the rainforest or they will end up at every bower of the bower birds.

The indigenous people in Kwau village and Syioubri village have built huts (also called blinds) which tourists can use to watch the magnificent birds of paradise and the bowerbird. There are also houses which have been provided for tourists to stay. As a tourist guide I have guided tourists to travel around the Arfak mountains and other areas in the bird's head region of New Guinea island many times. This eco-tourism project greatly helps the local people in getting alternative income and in improving their economic condition. The Papuan people in Kwau and Syioubri villages cannot easily be tempted to give up their lands and forests for irresponsible exploitation that could be harmful to the environment. Traveling to Manokwari of West Papua is possible all year round.
When you have arrived in Manokwari city, you can contact me if you want to go to Arfak mountains. We will go there by a 4WD car that is able to climb steep slopes and rivers in the Arfak mountains. The beauty of the rainforest in this largest tropical island in the world is always waiting for you to come and experience it. It will reveal its beauty to anybody who loves nature and who wants to preserve it for future generations of human being. by Charles Roring
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