Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Cheapest Way to Travel Around Manokwari regency

Some tourists say that traveling around Manokwari regency in the province of West Papua is expensive. Yes, it is true. I cannot deny this statement. For instance, the cost of traveling from Manokwari city to Kebar valley and Senopi is around Rp. 5,000,000 (five million rupiahs) or around 588 US dollars for a rent car. If you are a budget traveler, I suggest that you travel in group of three to four people to share the cost. I know that it might be difficult due to different interests. Another alternative way to go to the valley is by airplane. Susi Air fly to Kebar valley of Tambrauw mountains. Ticket price is very cheap because it is subsidized by the local government to boost the economic activity in the remote inland areas of Kebar valley and its surrounding region. The cheap ticket price is provided by the airline under a program called "penerbangan perintis" or "pioneering flights." Because the ticket is cheap, a lot of people buy them. I tried to reserve the tickets for Czechs tourists in March 2011 but I did not succeed.
Besides Kebar and Senopi, another interesting destination in Manokwari regency is the Arfak mountains. Again, some tourists have expressed their concerns over the expensive cost. The normal rate for car rent to Mokwam villages is 2 million rupiahs (go and return) or around 232 US dollars. It is the same as the price of a jet plane ticket for a flight between Manokwari city and Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The rates that I mention above are the real rates that have been charged by car drivers. I never mark up the prices. So, if you are really interested in visiting Kebar, Senopi and Mokwam, the cheapest way to travel to these villages is by going in groups of three or four tourists.

In addition to the mountaineous region, interesting travel destination that I promote in this blog is the Numfor island. This tropical island lies between Manokwari city and Biak island. It can be reached by boat and airplanes. Check the schedule of the boat at Manokwari ship harbor if you want to go to Numfor island. Although traveling to Numfor by boat is very cheap, you will be shocked to find out that the price of Ojek ride in the island is much higher than the normal rate that you usually pay in Manokwari city. If you do not want to deal with matters related to arranging cars, flights and accommodation while visiting Manokwari, you can contact me via email As a tourist guide, I will be happy to arrange them for you. Do not forget to mention the date of your arrival in Manokwari and the duration of your trip when you contact me so that I can develop a good program or itinerary for you in a reasonable price. by Charles Roring
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