Friday, October 1, 2010

Thunder Stones - Rocks from Outer Space

During my last visit to Kwau village in the mountains Arfak of Manokwari regency, Hans Mandacan - the tour guide showed some stones to me. The stones were not much different from the granite rocks which are common in nature. But one thing that attracts my attention was the smooth surface of the stones. In addition, certain edges of the stones are rather sharp. I asked Hans, "have the stones been polished before?" He replied, "no."
The villagers call them, batu guntur meaning thunder stones or thunder rocks. According to them, these stones fell from the sky when there was heavy rain. Huge thunder was an indicator for the falling of the stones. A stone could be found at the place where a lightning hit the earth's surface. Hans said that when the stone hit a tree, it will split it. Furthermore, when the stone landed on the ground, it will create a hole or crater in which there are a number of plants located in the vicinity will die.
In my opinion, most likely these stones that came from outer space are meteors. Frankly, I am not an astronomer so, it's difficult for me to determine whether the rocks in front of me were from outer space or not. I've said on the above paragraph that the surfaces of the stones are smooth and the edges, rather sharp. Possibly they had experienced frictions with the air when traveling through the atmosphere. Therefore, it makes sense also if these thunder stones were really from the outer space.
Hans and samuel (the chief of Kwau village) said that when such stone hit the earth's surface, it will create a sound like a bomb. Personally I have never seen how a rock from space hit the Earth's surface, but the stone's remarkable speed could make it more like a bomb when it hits the ground.
If you are interested in visiting Kwau village to see the thunder stones,  or study herbal medicine, you can contact me, Charles Roring, via email: I will be happy to arrange your trip to the region.


almariada said...

probably they are pre-historical artifacts, ask an arqueologist

almariada said...

archeologist ... sorry, i'm portuguese :)

gKely said...

The thunder stones you showed seem to be polished axes (or axe but in Papua New Guinea mountains have been produced at least up to 20 years ago.

Stone axes or arrows, as well as fossils and minerals with similar forms were popularly believed thunder stone in many culture of the word, encluding Italy my country, till 20 or 30 years ago.


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